Getting your home sold quickly requires one main ingredient—buyers. It may seem obvious, you’ll of course need a buyer, but what we mean is that your home will need to be designed and marketed to attract buyers (preferably, many of them!). The more buyers you are able to attract and view your home, whether in person or online, the more likely you will be able to sell your home.

To accomplish this, we recommend our sellers to:

  1. Enhance their curbside appeal. Keep your lawn well-mowed and the front of your home appealing. You want buyers who drive by for a peak to stop, not drive off in a hurry.
    1. Replant or refresh your front garden with new mulch and blooming flowers.
    2. Keep the bushes will trimmed and edge your grass along the driveway, sidewalks, and edge of the road.
    3. If it is fall or winter, keep your lawn free of leaves and any debris, like fallen twigs or tree limbs. Plant something seasonal to keep your front yard from looking “drab”.
    4. Pressure wash your front walk, porch, and keep the gutters clean. These little details go a long way towards curbside appeal.
  2. Keep it comfortable. During spring and summer, keep your home cool (72-74 degrees) and in the winter keep it nice and warm. But adjusting the temperature to the comfort of the buyers, you can make your house feel more home. A home, that the buyer can picture themselves in. You may have a higher energy bill, but it will be temporary and will encourage buyers to stay longer and see the true value in your home.
  3. Light it UP. If your home receives plenty of natural lighting, draw back the curtains and open the blinds. If it doesn’t (or just select rooms aren’t very bright), then keep the lights on. Be sure to change the bulbs to LEDs—they are brighter, more energy efficient, and can be an appealing “extra” your buyer will love!
  4. Bake something. And leave it for potential buyers to enjoy. If you aren’t much of a baker, you can leave store bought sweet treats or another refreshment for buyers as they view your home. Little acts like this can make your home more memorable, especially for buyers who have been looking (or plan to look) at several homes. As an added bonus, eating or drinking while in someone else’s house can make the person feel more welcome and “at home”.
  5. Price it—and list—it right. Listings often embellish and glaze over less desirable aspects of a home. Overselling your home with embellishments can disappoint buyers when they come to view the home. Being up front about minor cosmetic issues will attract the buyers willing to take on projects and reduce time wasted (on your end and the buyers) by not attracting the wrong type of buyer. When it comes to pricing your listing, your realtor can make an accurate estimation based on the current market, recent sales in your neighborhood, and aspects of your home that affect its value. Trust in the value. Pricing the home too high to help cover the cost of major home improvements can scare away buyers if there are newer homes on the market for less and with the same level of upgrades and customizations you have just added. Pricing too low may give the idea that something is “wrong” with the house.