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The 5 Worst Homes For First-Time Buyers

While there is no one-size-fits-all house for first-time homebuyers, there are a few key rules to follow when buying your first home to ensure your investment doesn’t go to waste. Buying a home is exciting and can be a big step in financial maturity—or just an overall big “next step” in life. By making careful considerations, you can help from making a long-term mistake. The House For “Now” [...]

How To Handle Repair Requests When Selling Your Tampa Home

If you are selling your home, there are a few things to know about the buying process that are often considered small details to be overcome when the time comes. However, knowing and planning for these issues in advanced can help alleviate stress and make the home sale go smoother for both you and your buyer. Once you have an offer on your home, the buyer will probably schedule [...]

Top 10 Neighborhoods In Tampa To Buy Your Forever Home

The following list is derived from the accumulation of information from several sources including crime rate data reported from local and federal law enforcement, census information, and BLS data. The neighborhoods are ranked as the top neighborhoods because they meet the following standards: Low crime rates High household incomes Low unemployment rates High population High home values Of course, there are many great places to live in the Greater [...]

The Best Places To Buy A Home In Tampa

Tampa is a large city; nearly 400 square miles and a population of almost 400,000 (although if you count the surrounding areas, calculating the population of the Greater Tampa Bay area, there are nearly 4 million people). It is also a highly desirable place to live with a large selection of suburbs and communities to provide a different kind of real estate and environment for all tastes. Some of [...]

Best Time Of Year To Buy In Tampa

Tampa is one of Florida’s fastest growing cities—and it is no real surprise for this metropolitan area that caters to all types of people. Family friendly parks and entertainment, night life, shopping, and unique eateries draws residents from all over to live in a city that provides everything they need. Add to the appeal the overall lower cost of living and available job market compared to many other Florida [...]

Best Places To Buy Tampa Rentals

Buyers interested in finding the ideal Tampa rental to invest in usually perform a lot of research into the city, the neighborhood, and the property before they pour any money into the potential rental to ensure their investment is worth the payout. The Lieberman Team has helped many investors find the right property and conduct research for the best rentals in Tampa, FL. When buying a property, investor or [...]

What You Should Know About Tampa, Florida’s Housing Market

Tampa is a fast-growing metropolitan area in Florida. With a short drive to many beaches along the Gulf, theme parks, and vast downtown, Tampa is an ideal location for many businesses, investors, and homeowners alike. Before you buy a home in Tampa, FL there are a few things you ought to know about Tampa’s real estate market in order to make the best, most educated decision. This data was [...]

3 Florida Housing Market Predictions For 2020

Real estate may be a means to a home for many homebuyers, but it is also a revenue source for serious investors. 2020 is approaching and those interested in finding a new property (to live or rent) should be looking for their next prospective property and have a good idea on what to expect. Here is what you need to know about real estate market predictions in Florida for [...]

Understanding Your Listing Agreement With Your Real Estate Agent

What’s in a seller’s listing agreement with their real estate agent? When a real estate agent sells a home, they are known as the “listing agent”, and the “listing agreement” is a contract that is created before a real estate agent helps you to sell your home. The listing agreement gives the agent the “right” to put your home up for sale on your behalf. Included in the [...]

HOAs And CC&Rs: Know What You’re Getting Into

There are quite a lot of abbreviations when it comes to buying or selling your Tampa home. Some of the most common are seen when you are buying a home in a deed restricted neighborhood, in a new subdivision, a common interest development (CID), in a planned unit development (PUD), or even in a co-op—you are likely buying a home that comes as a part of a homeowner’s association [...]

Knowing This Can Help You Avoid Capital Gains Tax When Selling Your Home

If you have bought and sold your home before, you may have heard about (or even experienced) capital gains. Those new to the real estate process may or may not have heard about such a thing. Capital gain is the profit made when selling a non-inventory asset, like a house; capital gains tax is the tax levied against this form of revenue, but only under certain circumstances. Generally speaking, [...]

What Do I Have To Disclose About My Property?

Seller disclosure of property defects is a way to safeguard buyers from entering into a real estate transaction that will likely be disastrous for them. Most states have some variation of seller disclosure, Florida included. By disclosing major issues, sellers can protect themselves from liability and buyers from major home flaws or fraud. Many people are aware that there are some things about their home that you are legally [...]

Answers To Help Ease Any Sellers Mind

Selling your home often generates many questions—some we have answered here and others through different blogs. Of course, if you still have questions, you can always contact us and discuss whatever is on your mind about selling your Tampa home. We’ll help make the process a simple one and always provide you with answers to all of your real estate questions. Will I have to pay taxes for selling [...]

How To Interview A Prospective Agent To Sell Your Home

Selling your home and interested in using a realtor to help with the process and gain more potential buyers? Don’t just pick the first realtor who pops up on the first page of search results. You want to make sure you are selecting a selling agent who has experience, knowledge, and the right charisma. Not to mention, if you will be working with them throughout the whole home selling [...]

Knowing These Costs Will Make You More Prepared For Selling Your Home

Before even getting into the closing costs, there are expenses that could potential undercut your profits on the sale of your home. It is important to understand all costs related to the preparation and sale of your home before making the decision to list it. Related Article: What Price Should I List My House For? Painting A fresh coat of paint is a highly attractive aspect to home buyers, [...]

Surprising True Meanings Behind These Home Descriptions

If you though dating sites used misleading terms or descriptions, home listings can be just as bad—or worse. Sellers, or rather their agents, create artful descriptions of homes to encourage more buyers to look at the home. While the language may indicate a beautiful home, be sure to read between the lines and see the home in person to see if it matches what you imagined—or if you got [...]

Home Improvements To Avoid When Planning To Sell

While conducting certain renovations and upgrades can add to the value of your home and produce a worthwhile return on your investment, there are some repairs that just aren’t worth doing as a seller. Here are projects you should avoid starting if you are putting your home up for sale or that can negatively impact your home’s value. Personalization Any project designed to suit your personal taste and convenience [...]

Which Home Improvements Will Add Value To My Home?

Before starting any projects, find out which home improvements will add the most value to your home. If you are considering selling your home, you are likely thinking of what can be done to maximize your home’s value. Often, certain home renovations or upgrades can help bolster a home value. It is important to remember before you go tearing down walls that not all home improvements are [...]

Selling Your Home? Maximize Your Budget When Remodeling A Bathroom

Performing select home improvement projects can help you attract more buyers and sell your home faster. Some of the key areas for improvement are the kitchen and the bathrooms. While having an updated home is important to buyers, for sellers, it doesn’t always equate into a substantial investment. Typically, the update can help sell a home, but the cost put into the remodeling aren’t fully recovered in the sale [...]

Can We Get Our Earnest Money Back?

When you make an offer on a home and it is accepted by the seller, you submit earnest money along with a signed contract. The contract is a legally binding agreement between you and the seller to both follow through on the sale of the home at the agreed upon selling price—with potential contingencies from either party. Earnest money is also submitted along with the contract; it serves as [...]

Home Contract, Contingencies, and Earnest Money—Oh My!

Finding the home you believe is “The One” is exciting! As your realtor, we will contact the seller (or their realtor) and provide them with your purchasing offer. If they accept, the home goes under contract and the real work begins. Earnest Money To start, you’ll have to provide “earnest money” along with your signed contract. The earnest money is a very modest deposit that just shows the [...]

Veterans Guide To Home Ownership

The homebuying process can appear intimidating, and for veterans, VA Loans can seem even more complicated. The Lieberman Team are very familiar with VA Loans and can help you to find the perfect home you desire that also qualifies for a VA Home Loan. We’ve also complied a list of tips to help veterans as they plan to purchase their own home and throughout the homebuying process. Check [...]