What are your listings’ average days on market?2018-12-12T09:40:48+00:00

The current overall market average is 100 days; however, most of the homes we list in the Tampa Bay and Brandon areas typically sell within 60 days.

What can I do to get this house ready for showings?2018-12-12T09:37:49+00:00

When you are committed to selling your home, the first thing you will want to do to make it ready for listing is to remove any personalization. Showing an empty home is the most ideal but is not always plausible, so take down and pack away any family photos or personal items that are out in the open. Potential buyers don’t mind furniture during a walkthrough but usually report finding it hard to imagine themselves in a home that still feels or looks like it belongs to someone else.

Do I need professional stagers for my home?2018-12-12T09:42:50+00:00

Even though showing an empty home is ideal, some cases call for professional staging. This is considered on a case by case basis and typically only when the home is not catching the eye of enough potential buyers. Professional staging is done in such a way that it opens the eyes of potential buyers to the possibilities and design styles your home can offer.

Can I back out of my contract with one buyer and accept a new, higher offer from a second buyer?2018-12-12T09:35:42+00:00

Technically, no. When an offer is accepted, both parties sign a legally binding contract to follow through with the sale. Should you back out of the contract for a reason other than a specified contingency, the buyer could seek legal recompense.

Do I have to sell to the person with the highest offer?2018-12-12T09:34:40+00:00

No – when you receive multiple offers on your home, it is up to you to select which offer you will accept. Many sellers opt for offers from buyers who are already pre-approved for a loan or who have fewer contingencies (like larger repairs) in their offer.

How should I price my home?2018-12-12T09:43:12+00:00

When it comes to pricing your home, your Lieberman Team realtor will perform a Comparable Market Evaluation, or a review of the current market status, specifically in your area, comparing what similar homes sold for and use that information to help you fairly and attractively price your home.

When is the “best time” to put my house on the market?2018-12-12T09:43:18+00:00

This can be greatly affected by current economics and the area where your home is located.

Often times, the best time to list a home is in accordance with the local school schedules. Summertime is more common for home sales and moving since school is out and families have more time to get settled in their new home and register for school.

On average, real estate sales tend to pick up in February and grows stronger as the months pass. Sales Peak in May and June and after August begin to taper off. Winter is typically a slow month for moves because of the holidays – most prefer to be settled in before the holidays or wait to move until after.

As a buyer who is not restricted by school scheduling, you can take advantage of these peak times and buy when the market is slow as many homeowners who need to sell in the off season may drop their asking price in order to make their home more appealing to buyers.

What are disadvantages of pricing my home on the high end?2018-12-12T09:31:21+00:00

After the Comparable Market Evaluation performed by your realtor, you’ll be given a general range that would be acceptable to list your home at. You can opt to price your home on the lower end if you are in a rush to move, take the average listing price, or choose to list it high. Listing your price high can help you recover costs associated with recent upgrades you may have done and also allows for wiggle room to drop your price when the market slows to bring back more buyers. It also may be the best option for you financially if the market you are listing your home in is very competitive.

However, pricing your home on the high end isn’t always a good thing. There are a few disadvantages of doing so:

  • Your high price may make the lower-priced house in the neighborhood across the street more attractive.
  • The higher end listing price may be more than what it gets appraised for – and can cause a buyer to back out if their lender will not allow them to borrow the difference.
  • You may receive only lower offers or be asked to cover the buyer’s closing costs in addition to your own.
  • Homes listed on the high end tend to sit longer on the market than those listed low or even listed at the average cost for a similar sized home.

When it comes to the price for listing your home, trust in your realtor – we have a literal lifetime of experience in seeing what works and doesn’t work to sell a home. We’ll make sure your home is listed for the best dollar you can get for it without having to worry about losing buyer interest.

What does an appraisal mean?2018-12-12T09:30:31+00:00

An appraisal is the estimated value or worth of a home that is determined by a professional, qualified individual (or the process in which one is obtained). A home appraiser is an individual with specific qualifications and background in order to estimate the current market value of a home and in most financing situations, are required to conduct an appraisal before a loan is fully approved. The home appraiser conducts a through review of the home and property and completes a detailed report to show the basis for their findings.

Am I obligated to complete the repairs recommended in the home inspection report?2018-12-12T09:29:48+00:00

Home inspections are not a pass or fail report. They are a summary of the condition of a home and specific aspects of a home. A buyer may use the findings of the home inspection in order to have leverage during the negotiation of the home sale. For example, they may offer full asking price if you make repairs or may offer less in order to use the saved funds to conduct the repairs themselves.

Thoroughly review the contract between you and the buyer to determine which, if any, repairs you are being asked to make. If you are unwilling to conduct repairs, you can submit a counteroffer. If you accept the offer, you are contractually obligated to complete the requested repairs.

Can you explain the home selling process from start to finish?2018-12-12T09:26:56+00:00

The essential home buying process is as follows:

  1. Determine Your Budget
  2. Get Pre-Approved For A Mortgage
  3. Contact A Realtor
  4. Shop For Homes
  5. Make An Offer On THE ONE
  6. Have The Home Inspected
  7. Begin The Loan Process
  8. Hire An Appraiser
  9. Complete Loan Paperwork
  10. Close On The Home

For more information on the home buying process, contact us or visit our Buying Page or view and download our Home Buying Guide.

What is the difference between being prequalified and preapproved for a loan?2018-12-12T09:28:16+00:00

When you are prequalified for a home loan, it means you have provided some general financial information to a bank and that you could potentially get a loan in general. When you are preapproved for a home loan, it means you provided more in-depth financials to the lender and they have formal stated a specific amount they may let you borrow up to and are just a few signatures away from being completely approved for the home loan.

Being preapproved is a better reflection of your seriousness when searching for your new home. It also reveals to sellers that it is unlikely for your financing for the home to fall through and can make you a more appealing buyer.

Do I pay you anything to be my realtor? What if I don’t end up finding a house or something comes up that prevents me from buying a home?2018-12-12T09:28:18+00:00

Realtors are paid a commission that is calculated and paid out during the closing process of a home sale. The commission is a part of the seller’s closing costs – not the buyers. Buyers do not pay realtors for their time or help in locating or viewing a home – even if you do not follow through with the sale.

Do you represent buyers or sellers?2018-12-12T09:16:38+00:00

The Lieberman Team operates as both listing agents and buyer’s agents. Real estate is our life and we are dedicated to helping all individuals navigate the real estate process, no matter which side they are on. We’ll gladly help you sell your home quickly or help you find the home of your dreams – or even both!

Why should I use a real estate agent?2018-12-12T09:16:33+00:00

Real estate agents provide more than just listing your home or helping you search for a new one – their services go far beyond that.

Sellers: You don’t have to use a real estate agent to sell your home; however, listing your home through a real estate agent provides you access to their vast personal and business networks – including other real estate agents that represent buyers and additional listing sites that are only available to real estate agents. Many homeowners find that using a real estate agent to sell their home simplifies the process and makes it less stressful. Someone else to handle the showings, someone else to create the online listings, someone else to negotiate on your behalf, and someone else to set up the closing process with the title agency and buyers mortgage lender. Sometimes its nice to have someone else handle the legal and financial complexities of real estate.

Buyers: Searching online and in paper advertisements for your perfect home can be fun and exciting but when each home falls short of your expectations or you can’t seem to find “the one”, looking for your new home becomes more stressful than exciting. It can also be awkward or intimidating contacting multiple listing agents to schedule a viewing, knowing that their sales pitch is going to make the home appear perfect for you – but what about having someone looking out for your best interests, so you don’t compromise on what you really want. That’s what having your own real estate agent is about, having someone on your side, locating homes that match your criteria, setting up showings without the pressure of the seller lingering around, and helping you find reputable home inspectors, home appraisers, and even home loan mortgage companies. They’ll also go above and beyond to verify information about the home you like to ensure it’s everything it is listed to be.

How long have you been a real estate agent?2018-12-12T09:16:30+00:00

The Lieberman Team has been helping Tampa and Brandon residents buy and sell their homes since 1985! We have over 30 years of continuous real estate experience!

Are you a part-time or full-time agent?2018-12-12T09:16:21+00:00

We are a husband and wife real estate team who work as real estate agents full time. We live and breathe real estate!

Will I be working with you directly or a team?2018-12-12T09:16:18+00:00

Technically, both! The Lieberman Team real estate agents are a husband and wife team. You’ll meet with both of us and throughout the process either of us may reach out to you or aid you in the buy/sell process. But that’s it – you don’t have to worry about being passed off to a partner or other member of our business; you’ll work directly with the both of us.

How do your realtor fees work?2018-12-12T09:16:14+00:00

As with most realtors, we charge a commission when the sale of the house goes through. The commission is paid by the seller. If we are representing the seller, we will discuss our commission fees along with all contractual requirements we fulfill on your behalf as your listing agent during our initial consultation with you.

If we do not represent the seller, the seller is still responsible for paying the commission during closing. In most cases, we split the commission with their listing agent; however, if the owner did not use a real estate agent to list their property, our full commission is calculated into their closing costs.

Buyers have their own set of closing costs such as the appraisal, lien checks, title transfer, etc. so they are not charged a commission by the real estate agent.

What’s the best way to contact you?2018-12-12T09:16:03+00:00

We can be reached on of three ways, the best way being by phone:

  1. Phone: (813) 335-6559
  2. Email: ksliebermanteam@gmail.com
  3. Online Contact Form
What are closing costs?2018-12-12T09:15:59+00:00

These are the costs associated with the purchase/sale of a property. Both buyers and sellers have closing costs relating to their part in the transfer of ownership of the property.

What is a contingency?2018-12-12T09:15:52+00:00

When an offer is made on a home and is accepted, both parties sign a contract to fulfil their end of the purchase/sale. A contingency can be added to the contract that allows either party to back out of the legal agreement should the provision not be fulfilled. An example of a common contingency for a buyer is that they will proceed with buying the home only under the condition that their loan is approved, or specific repairs are done. For a seller, a contingency may be that the purchase of their next home is successful.