• Sale/Buy Advantage Program

    Are you planning to move? You’ll likely want to sell your current house and relocate to a new home, right? It’s a lot to think about on both sides of that situation. For the many steps of selling a house to the endless possibilities of purchasing a new one, there are realtors to help you. Experts in the field can be tremendously beneficial to your education in the home-buying process. In the case of selling a home and buying another, your biggest asset may be an experienced real estate agent.

    When you go to sell a home, the realtor you use is paid from the amount your home sells for (usually at a rate of 6% of the total amount). If the buyer of your home has their own realtor, then the 6% is split between the seller’s realtor and the buyer’s realtor. The fee is wrapped into the sale – either taken from the profit from the sale or as a part of the seller’s closing costs.

    At the same time, when you’re purchasing a home, the seller’s realtor will be paid another 6% from the sale of that home – or a 50/50 split if you and the seller have different realtors. So, between helping you sell your home and buy a new one, the realtor you hire has the opportunity to earn 6-12%, depending on whether their fee is split with another realtor.

    However, what if you knew you could save some money by using the same agent for both listing your home and purchasing a new one? This is a new idea to help home-buyers who are also selling their current house save money in the long run. The Lieberman Team Realtors are trained on both sides of the move – by helping both buyers find a home and helping homeowners sell their home quickly.

    By using The Lieberman Team Realtors for the sale and purchase of a new home, we offer a competitive discount on our commission, saving you thousands on the sale of your home.

    In addition, the immense amount of time saved by going this route is invaluable. Your Realtor will get to know you well enough to help you make decisions as quickly as you need. You won’t have to work with another party for scheduling open houses, viewings, etc… This one unit will be able to ensure that your scheduling throughout both processes is seamless and practically stress-free.

    For more information on how our Buy/Sell Advantage Program works or to list your home with us, contact The Lieberman Team Realtors at (813) 699-5529, LiebermanTeam@TampaFLHomes.com, or fill out the online form. We look forward to selling with you!