• Selling Your Home

    Taking on the selling process alone can be stressful and can limit your access to potential buyers. Hiring a real estate agent is simple and our fees come out of your closing costs, so there isn’t any up front out of pocket expenses to take advantage of our marketing networks or selling expertise.

    The Lieberman Team has been helping individuals, couples, and families find home since 1985 – that’s over 30 years of experience in selling homes quickly. We don’t just know the market, we live and breathe it. We know the how to properly price your property so that it is attractive to buyers while still providing you the profit you are hoping for. On average, a home sells within 60 days; however, most of our home sales are completed much sooner than that!

    Property Evaluation and Pricing Your Home

    First, we will survey your home and property in order to estimate your home’s worth and ways to market your property. The listing price of your home will take into consideration any recent upgrades you have made to the home including appliances, paint, flooring, or structural improvements. We will also compare your home to the sale value of other similar homes in your neighborhood and locally as well as considering the current market value for homes like your own.

    When it comes to pricing, it is truly a marketing strategy. The price should accurately reflect the value of your home while still being an attractive price for most buyers in the market. Only if we receive a limited response to your home will we reevaluate your home’s listed value.

    Making Your Property Shine

    In the modern era, buyers have more access to information than you can imagine – as do real estate agents. When it comes to marketing and selling your home, we use a vast network of professional relationships and online marketing tools to display your home. We speak with other real estate agents to see if they have a buyer who may be interested in your home and have access to numerous listing sites that are not available to non-real estate agents.

    In order to present your home in the best light, we have professional photographers come to your property to take photos and record video for a virtual tour. We’ll also provide recommendations or help you stage your home in a manner that is attractive to buyers. Other recommendations may be made in order to make your home appear more attractive such as painting rooms a neutral color, pressure washing, flower bed maintenance, or small repairs or upgrades.

    Scheduling Showings

    In order to sell your home, we’ll have to show it – which means that there may be times you will be asked to leave your home for a short period of time, but don’t worry, we’ll contact you well in advance and can always schedule more convenient times for you. We may also utilize a lockbox at your front door. When a potential buyer goes through their own real estate agent (rather than contacting the listing agent directly), we provide the access to the home but allow the buyer’s agent to give the tour of the home as a professional curtesy. It is easier for a buyer to make a positive decision about your home without the pressure of the seller nearby.

    Closing Process

    Whether the potential buyer makes an offer directly to us as your listing agent or makes an offer on your home through their own real estate agent, we will review the offer with you. You can choose to accept, counter, or deny the offer. Homebuying is more about negotiation than buying a car can be.

    Both sides are able to counter (or even submit a new offer) until an agreement to buy the home is made. To ensure the buyer is serious about purchasing your home, the buyer will have to make a deposit, called earnest money. This amount can be anywhere from $500- $5,000 and is paid when the initial contract to buy the home is signed.

    The initial contract will include the agreed upon sale price and any other promises or requirements requested and agreed upon by each party. It will also set a time frame for when the sale should be finalized and any contingencies for each party. Contingencies to the contract mean that so long as something happens, the sale can continue; however, if it does not happen then the party can be released from contractual obligations to buy/sell the home. For the buyer, the contingency is typically that their loan is approved, and/or the seller completes any repairs that they agreed to do. For the seller, the most common contingency is that the purchase of the home they will be moving into goes through.

    As your real estate agents, we will oversee the arrangements to transfer the funds of the sale and have the purchasing documents completed.