Once you’ve decided to sell your home, you’ve opened a long to-do list to get it sold. But you’re ready to get out of there and start a new chapter. You may know the basics about selling a house, but there are some lesser-known actions to accomplish first so that you can make the sale as quick as possible.

  • The most important thing to keep in mind is to know your audience.

The new generation to purchase homes is the Millennials. These are the very hardworking 20 and 30-somethings who have already accomplished a great deal of college and already have their careers underway. They are ready to take the next step in life and buy a home. But they have priorities about the home they’re thinking about.

  • They want listings at their fingertips. The easier it is for them to find homes, the more likely those homes will be viewed in person. So, put your house on social media and multiple listing sites for easy access.
  • They love technology. All the gadgets that are programmable from their phones are very tempting features they know they can’t live without. Making your home more digital or wireless friendly can make it a more desirable listing.
  • They love to save money AND the planet! Appliances, lighting, and building materials that prove they’re good for the environment and the economy are very attractive to this generation.
  • Upgrade and Update.

Many people go into purchasing a home ready to move in and start living in it. Your target market of people is busy fulfilling their career goals. They most likely don’t want to spend their free time fixing up a house. Make sure the interior and exterior are finished and up-to-date. The more move-in ready a place is, the more likely someone is to put an offer down right away.

  • Hire a professional photographer.

A great photographer can showcase the best points of sale your house possesses. They’re trained to highlight the best attributes of a house. Studies show that home-buyers are drawn to stylish pictures (ones that use lighting and angles to the most advantage) when dreaming of owning a home. Do this and you’ll have tons of inquiries on your home.

  • Set the stage.

Make your house the setting for home-buyers to fantasize living their best lives there. They want to be able to envision where their furniture will go or what colors they’ll use to show their personalities. The less you can make it look like it belongs to someone else, the better. To start, toss (or store) excess “stuff” like out-of-season clothes, knickknacks, books, etc… Keep in mind, strangers will be walking through each room in your home. Remove personal items like medicine, pictures, jewelry, and heirlooms you wish to protect.

  • Show your appreciation.

People love it when they’re thanked. A simple cold bottle of water or fresh-baked cookie at your open house will put a nice feeling and memory in your visitors’ minds. Something that simple can make all the difference when trying to make a sale.