When it comes to selling your home one of the main things for a seller to do in preparation of showing their home to potential buyers is to depersonalize their home. This is important because it is easier for buyers to envision themselves living in the home when the space is decorated in a neutral theme and void of personal belongings. Walking into a home for a viewing usually is not productive when the home still has family photos on the walls and knick knacks from family vacations on the shelves—it feels as if the potential buyers are intruding in someone’s home and not viewing their new house.

Here are some of the things you should pack or place into storage in order to depersonalize your space and allow buyers to see the true potential of your home for themselves.

  • Collectibles. Even if these items are not display in an elegant cabinet, have them emptied and remove the large cabinet. This not only depersonalizes the space but with the large, bulky furniture removed, it will help open up the living space. Collectibles include but are not limited to dolls, figurines, sports trophies, and your children’s school awards.
  • Sentimental Belongings. Pack away family photos, heirlooms, favorite quilts from the back of the couch, and other similar items. These items reflect your personality within the home and can make it harder for a buyer to envision the home as their own.
  • Daily Clutter. Clear counters and living areas of regular day to day clutter such as mail, homework, personal belongings (keys, purses, backpacks), toys, and even dishes on a drying rack.
  • Hygiene Items. Store toiletry (including bath products) items in a cabinet and keep medications locked up. This helps keep your personal hygiene habits personal and prevents any liability of missing medication.
  • Personalize Décor. Studies have shown that buyers prefer neutral tones on the walls and bold or unique choices of décor can limit the potential of a room for a buyer—they become too focused on the décor and not the space itself.

People should note of the home not the belongings, collections or people that live there. So, to help keep interest in your home before buyers start to view it or photos are taken for online listings, depersonalize. As an added bonus, you can pack these items into boxes and store them in your closet and be ne step closer to moving day.

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